This is what our customers say:
Competent, reliable – a strong partner

FIRST Business Travel

"Without RBS bird, we would not have the ability to compete today. The product has an excellent price-performance ratio and has led to more efficiency in our daily work. We not only fulfil expectations, we exceed them: thanks to the reports prepared proactively in RBS bird, our customers have everything at a glance – and we do, too!" Birger Thrun, Head of Products & Processes at FIRST Business Travel

OTTO Freizeit und Touristik

"travelbasys stands for constant development of efficient technologies, outstanding customer and service orientation as well as competent project management." Christoph Rische, Chief Financial Officer OTTO Freizeit und Touristik GmbH


Reisecenter alltours

"Thanks to RBS now, all processes run in a more streamlined efficient and effective way. This saves us time and almost 100% of our staffing costs in this area compared to before. The system is our most important management instrument. Management, accounting and controlling are now unimaginable without it." Stefan Schrödel, Managing Director of Reisecenter alltours GmbH

rt reisen

"I have been working with the systems of travelbasys since 1996. since then the products have enormously been developed further – and very important for rt reisen GmbH: Several features were especially adjusted and realized in our own system. You can always come up with new ideas and you will find ready listeners in travelbasys's employees." Heiko Pieczka, Area Manager Sales and Controlling rt reisen GmbH



"The good partnership with the systems house travelbasys opens the possibility for taa, to serve an even bigger circle of customers and to expand our own portfolio of services at the same time." Günther Brehm, Managing Director of taa – travel agency accounting GmbH



"RBS is a stable, mature product successfully established in the market. Without this solution all of reconciliation would have to occur directly via SAP© applications. But even modern mid-office systems don't offer the familiar RBS now reporting structures needed in daily operations. This is why, for us, there is no alternative to using RBS now for SAP®-based financial accounting." Uwe Bonse, Commercial Director, TUI 4U GmbH

TUI Interactive

"With RBS now, we finally have streamlined, efficient processes and accounting. This has allowed us to shorten processing times and reduce costs. Today, our staff are much more productive, happy and motivated." Kai Zenke, Commercial Manager, TUI interactive GmbH

TUI Leisure Travel

"By today, travelbasys has been a reliable partner for 20 years. During all this time we have been exchanging ideas for the further development of back office systems and processes." Volker Thiel, Commercial Manager TUI Leisure Travel


TUI UK & Ireland

"travelbasys just makes a difference in terms of customer service, technical expertise and speed of delivery. Working with travelbasys has definitely been one of the highlights of my 6+ years at TUI UK!" Mark Linley, Finance & Controlling TUI UK & Ireland



"RBS web informs me about all relevant facts and figures at the touch of a button, wherever I am. This allows me to always make reliable statements about how my company is doing. RBS web is the most important management instrument for me. Working without it? – Unimaginable!" Michael Gröppel, Managing Director, Westfalen-Urlaubsreisen GmbH